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Windows 8 Full Version Download Free

Windows 8 is the the latest Windows systems series developed by Microsoft with revolutionary changes in its operating system. Windows 8 significantly changes the operating logic and provides better touch screen support. The new system’s screen operation varies greatly. It abandons the toolbar and “Start” menu used by older versions and adopts a new Metro-style user interface, with a variety of applications, shortcuts being able to be presented to a dynamic box on the screen. User can add their commonly used browser, social networking, games, etc. into these box. The system is designed to make people’s daily computer operations more simple and fast, providing a more efficient and easier working environment for people. Windows 8 supports the struct of Intel, AMD and ARM chip and PC (Intel platform system) and Tablet PC

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 RTM version for MSDN and Subscribers On August 15, and We can get the Free Windows 8 Full Version now, Here are the original copy of Windows 8 .

The download link is on Youtube , please click here


Windows 8 Release Preview Download :

Download 64 Bit (x64) (3.3 GB)
Download 32 Bit (x86) (2.5 GB)

Download 64 Bit (x64) (3.3 GB)
Download 32 Bit (x86) (2.5 GB)

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